712 E Fayette St, Syracuse, NY 13210

Monday-Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 3pm


The newest Café Kubal gets its name, 712 Kubal, from its physical location and is our sixth custom-designed café. It occupies the ground floor of a new apartment building, Fayette Place, in the bustling, urban landscape of Downtown Syracuse.

What sets it apart is the layout that caters to events and community living. You will find a cozy lounge area framed by a bookshelf intended for book exchanging; and a 12ft communal table designed for gathering, creative meetings and collaborative endeavors.

For the first time in Café Kubal history, we are launching a new food service and style at 712 Kubal. This location’s menu will feature a ‘create your own’ section where you can build your own granola, quinoa and salad bowls. All your favorites will still be there, but now you will have the option tocustomize them to your individual taste preferences.

One of our favorite aspects of this location is the story behind the furniture and bar, whereby Syracuse’s history and craftsmanship has been rejuvenated and given a new life in this modern setting. All the wooden furniture pieces are recycled Hotel Syracuse doors. While installing and staining the bar, one of the craftsmen revealed that he had worked on the original installation of the pieces as hotel doors, 50+ years ago. Café Kubal is lucky to capture the history of Syracuse in such a way and to work with people who are invested in and played a part in the progress of this city. 

Our very own, Jamie Purcell, handcrafted the rest of the furniture with as much care as his forefathers. The blending of old and new has come together in this space to create beautiful, and truly timeless pieces of furniture, allowing the history of Syracuse to live on.

If you are looking for a place to tap into your creativity or a quiet space to study and hang out, make sure to check out 712 Kubal.

We look forward to welcoming you to our culture of coffee for the soul.