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Being a Barista at Café Kubal is more than creating a perfect drink. We value quality, however, we place a very high standard on customer service.

When you become a Barista at one of our cafés you are the host to every guest that walks in. No matter if they are just looking for directions or they’re curious about our coffee, your goal is to make them feel welcome and that they’re the best part of your day.

Our mission is to encourage more empathy and connection in our community. We abide by and believe in Kaizen, a Japanese word which means “continuous incremental improvement”.

We provide the training and support that will ensure your success. So whether you are a tea drinker or espresso aficionado, this is the place for you to bring meaningful and positive change to Syracuse's growing coffee community.

If you are a hard-working, dedicated, and friendly individual who values our philosophy, please fill out a job application at any of our 6 cafes.

We look forward to meeting you!

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