Books and Coffee

We're so excited for spring! Spring in upstate New York is still too chilly and damp to enjoy any outdoor activities though. But that's okay, as long as there are books and lots of coffee for those rainy spring days, we will be content! Understanding that spring is also a big studying season for the SU students, we have prepared some tips for an efficient study time! 

Find An Aspiring Reading Spot

If you have not yet noticed, Kubal's newest location at Creekwalk Commons just opened last Saturday. This spacious cafe is located on the corner of Water St. and Franklin St. and is across from the historical Art Deco architecture -- Niagara Mohawk building. We have the upgraded high speed wifi at this location for your thesis research! Enjoy the view of  bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation of the Niagara Mohawk building when you take a study break. Our downtown cafe also has large windows to light up your reading time. Take advantage of the Central Library next to the Downtown Cafe. This five-storey library carries a wide selection of books and DVDs. 

Downtown Cafe Kubal...

Creekwalk Commons Cafe...

Have A Good Beverage By Your Side

Coffee is one of the super foods that is proven to help your brain perform memory tasks and cognitive functioning. (See this Huffington Post) Kubal Roastery has a new creation -- The Midnight Oil Roast! When you feel like you’re hitting a mental block, grab yourself a cup of midnight oil. The component of this coffee is Papua New Guinea roasted dark. It has a smooth yet pungent flavor with sufficient caffeine to keep you going while burning the midnight oil! Suitable for a study break. Served as a ready fuel for a productive meeting! 

Roast : Dark
Region : Wahgi Valley
Notes : Roasted chestnuts, dates, figs, and notes of thyme. 

Choose The Kind Of Studying Snack That Makes you Feel Good

You burn some calories as you burn your midnight oil, but you don't want to eat too much as that food comma is not going to help you to have a productive study session. Here we have the perfect grab and go options for you -- the gluten free energy bites or mini donuts are a great size snack for nibbling while you study! 

Take Social Breaks!

If you have been studying alone for hours or haven’t stepped away from your desk all day, having a little social interaction might be what you need to get back on track. If you need a social media break to talk about how hard you have been studying or if you're not in school and simply have a love for books and coffee, chat with us/share a good read by using #booksandCKcoffee! 

Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body

- Joseph Addison

Reading is fun! Something magical happens when you read a good book. If you are not a book person, we hope these images will make you change your mind.