Introducing the Kubal Coffee Truck!

Café Kubal is proud to announce a new joint venture with Image Auto: the Kubal Coffee Truck!

This collaboration is a perfect fit for Kubal and Image Auto, one of the premier automotive reconditioning companies around.  Both businesses arose from an obsession with sweating the details and crafting solid relationships. Image Auto founder Paul Daly started Image Auto as a small rim repair company. It has since grown into a complete premium auto reconditioning company servicing  over 100 dealers and dealership groups in 9 regional markets across New York and Pennsylvania. Image Auto is best known for its aluminum wheel refinishing, straightening and custom painting, paintless dent removal, and interior appearance reconditioning and maintenance.

Daly says about the company he founded and leads, "If we could leave a legacy we would want our community to remember that we worked hardest to be a group of people who truly took care of one another."

Kubal founder Matt Godard, of course, had a similar journey and shares a similarly intense vision. His mission plan for Café Kubal is simple: everyday to become an innovator striving to delight  customers. Both men are inspired by a singular passion to be the best at something, and their companies reflect that passion. The joining of Kubal and Image Auto in the Kubal Coffee Truck venture is a perfect reflection of that passion, as well.

The partnership arose organically.

“After observing the nuances of the operations of the various Kubal locations”, Daly says, “we started with the question: ‘how can we deliver the most authentic Café Kubal experience from a mobile platform?’

A quick deal was struck, and Image Auto and Café Kubal launched into a research and design process. They examined multiple food truck platforms and modern mobile power systems.  In keeping with Café Kubal’s obvious commitment to renewable resources,  great efforts were made to make the Kubal Coffee Truck the most energy efficient food truck possible.  By merging modern solar technology with high efficiency gasoline power generation, they engineered a system that operates much like today’s hybrid automobiles, such as the Toyota Prius.  There are a variety of situations where the truck will be running solar alone for key functions, such as refrigeration and lighting.  

Importantly,  much care was taken to keep this project local.  Even the cabinetry of the truck  was harvested, milled, dried, and installed  within a 50 mile radius of Syracuse. The vast majority of all mechanical equipment is made in the USA.

Some of the major contributors to the coffee truck project include Peter Schultz,  the Chief Systems Designer and Engineer and Paul Daly, who was also Project Director. The vehicle itself was acquired from Drivers Village.  Michael Gerbes of Camping World worked on the General Systems Integration. Aaron Camp of Solid Ground Contracting fabricated the cabinet  and installed systems. City Electric offered consulting and supplied the solar power system.

What sets the Kubal Coffee Truck apart from other food trucks in the area? Besides its intensely local focus, the coffee truck represents a partnership between two innovative Syracuse companies with complementary skill sets. Image Auto and Café Kubal are established local brands. It boasts a clever mechanical design, unique renewable power system, and no small amount of tech savvy.

Next week, there will be more updates on the design of the exterior of the truck. Both team Kubal and Image Auto are now working day and night to finish up the Kubal Coffee Truck for this year of Taste of Syracuse on June 6 and 7. We hope you can come out to preview the Kubal Coffee Truck!