Celebrate the dream that came true!

When: 7/19 9-1pm
What: Free samples all around! Hungarian Shortbread, brioche, mini half moons, browned butter carrot cake, cookies and baked donuts.
Why: Picasso's One Year Anniversary Bash - Celebrate the dream that came true! 

We are celebrating the dream come true. Picasso's had its beginnings when Kayla began saving as a young teenager to one day own a business. With wild passion for food and success, she drove herself to work in any restaurant possible from the waitstaff to the dishwasher. Learning the in's and out's of the industry all the while saving for that moment when the opportunity would present itself.

Meanwhile, David was born and trained within a family of restaurant owners. Seeing the long hours and hard work that his family put into the business he knew that that lifestyle was for him. He wouldn't trade anything for the experience he received growing up around business owners and restaurateurs.

Almost as if it were fate David and Kayla's paths crossed. Kayla with her dollar and a dream along with David's knack and the need for excellence collided. They began growing in their knowledge together with one vision in mind: To make people's lives better through food.

They both traveled the globe learning from chef's and bakers all over Europe and the United States. With all of this knowledge the last thing that was needed was a location. They had places lined up on the West Coast and East Coast. With locations in California and beach towns they landed on Westcott St. There are a plethora of reasons for their location on Westcott but David, and Kayla, both love the feel of the Westcott community. They knew in their hearts that this was the location they had dreamed of.

And now we're celebrating it! Come together with us to celebrate Syracuse, small business, coffee and pastries! See you all on Saturday, July, 19!

This blog post is written by Jake Thurston - Cafe Kubal wholesale account manager 7/11/2014