Coffee Brewing Basics


~Intro to coffee and best practices

In this class you will learn not only how to brew excellent coffee at home but you will also learn the science that goes behind the perfect cup. We will go deeper than what to do in order to perfect your brewing skills, but we will teach you why each factor is important and how you can control them for the perfect coffee every time. Topics covered: choosing a coffee that fits your taste, grinding, managing your hot water source, brewing on a Chemex, brewing on manual dripper, troubleshooting the results.

Brewing Fundamental :


Purity of water plays an important role in the overall flavor of your coffee. Use the purest water you can get for optimal flavor.


Freshness of your coffee plays a vital role in making the best cup for you. Coffee should be fresh roasted within a week and ground just prior to brewing.


The amount of coffee you put into your brewer depends on the size of your brewer. Too much coffee and it will be too strong or overflow.  Not enough coffee and it will be weak and watered down.


Grind is the size of the ground coffee bean.  Too small and coffee will over brew and possibly overflow.  Too large and the water will drain through without brewing. Grind size varies depending on brewing method.

Topics include:

•Coffee History

•Coffee Culture

•Coffee Brewing Tasting

90 min/$50. Purchase all three classes for $120

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